Hoosiers For Good and Stop the Violence Indianapolis are partnering with IU Football to challenge young people to team up to help prevent gun violence. You can help by joining the conversation on social media at #teamupforpeace, by volunteering your time to become a mentor, or by making a donation to Stop the Violence Indianapolis.

Why We #TeamUpforPeace
  • 550

    In Marion County, 550 young peopleare currently being prosecuted for gun-related crimes.

  • 14x

    In the state of Indiana, black children, men, and women are 14 times more likely to die from gun violence than their white peers.

  • 500k+

    IU Football athletes have a combined reach of 500,000+ on Instagram and Twitter.

How We Help

Challenging young people to team up for peace

Hoosiers For Good basketball athletes Trayce Jackson-Davis and Race Thompson have also partnered with Stop the Violence Indianapolis. They recently spoke to six Indianapolis-area basketball teams about ways to prevent gun violence.

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  • “You become who you surround yourself with. Whoever you hang around with, that’s the path you’re going to take.”

    Race Thompson IUBB Forward
  • “At the event, a gentleman shared that he had served 15 years. He had a great home and a great life, but he was hanging around the wrong people. It could be anyone. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it’s who you surround yourself with.”

    Race Thompson IUBB Forward
  • “I lost three friends last year to shootings, and I wish I could go back and say ‘come with me.’ And if you do that for one person, they might do it for another guy in that group. You can take one person and turn it and change it for everybody.”

    Race Thompson IUBB Forward
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    Creating champions for peace in Indianapolis-area high schools

    Hoosiers For Good and Stop the Violence Indianapolis are challenging high school athletes to take a stand for peace and use their influence to promote violence-free schools and neighborhoods.

    Hoosiers For Good is sponsoring co-branded Stop the Violence Indianapolis warm up jerseys for Indianapolis-area high school basketball teams, and offering opportunities to equip influential leaders on those teams.

Get Involved

You can contribute to change.

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    team up

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    Make Indianapolis a safer place by influencing the lives of young people. Stop the Violence Indianapolis needs volunteers to serve as life coaches and mentors, on the prayer team, and for faith walks, music camps, neighborhood events and more.

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    give back

    Give to Stop The Violence Indianapolis prevention, intervention, retention, and recovery programs. Contributions support neighborhood outreach events, music camps, families curriculums, and workshops.

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About Stop the Violence Indianapolis

Stop the Violence Indianapolis is a catalyst for social change – empowering people to take action with the greater Indianapolis area to ensure safety, justice, accountability and healing for people whose lives are affected by violence and poverty. With Prevention, Intervention, Retention and Recovery we can establish a higher standard in the lives of the greater Indianapolis population and save lives.

Stop the Violence Indianapolis was created with the purpose of assisting others through education and a broader awareness of positive alternatives with the programs that we offer to reduce gun violence, gang violence, and domestic violence within the city of Indianapolis.

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