Bloomington, Ind. – Hoosiers For Good Inc., an official NIL collective of Indiana University Athletics, and Stop the Violence Indianapolis are partnering for a second year with IU Football to encourage young people to team up for peace and end gun violence.  

45 IU Football players will promote Stop the Violence Indianapolis’ mission on their personal social media accounts through the end of this year. The goal the ‘Team Up for Peace’ campaign is to amplify the mission of Stop the Violence Indianapolis and encourage community members to use their voices to put an end to gun violence. 

“We’re looking forward to continuing the ‘Team Up for Peace’ campaign with Stop the Violence Indianapolis,” said Tyler Harris, executive director of Hoosiers For Good. “Stop the Violence Indianapolis does important and necessary work in the community, and we are eager to help make an impact through the influence of the IU Football team.” 

Stop the Violence Indianapolis, an Indiana 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is working to stop gun violence by empowering people to take action within the greater Indianapolis area to ensure safety, justice, accountability, and healing for people whose lives are affected by poverty and gun violence. 

This is the second year of the partnership with Stop the Violence Indianapolis, Hoosiers For Good, and IU Football. The inaugural year of the ‘Team Up for Peace’ campaign resulted in increased engagement and donations to Stop the Violence Indianapolis. In addition, the campaign provided the players with an increased knowledge of the gun violence pandemic and ways to promote peaceful and positive alternatives.  

“Stop the Violence Indianapolis is excited to continue our partnership with Hoosiers For Good and IU Football,” said Anthony Beverly, director of Stop the Violence Indianapolis. “IU Football players have the ability to influence thousands of youth and young adults throughout the city and beyond to make better choices. The support of the football team is tremendous, as it allows for youth to see role models promoting positive prevention in their communities, and hopefully encourage them to make better choices.”  

Hoosiers For Good has partnered with Stop the Violence Indianapolis since launching its inaugural class in April of 2022. Hoosiers For Good has partnered six IU student athletes, including former men’s basketball players Trayce Jackson-Davis and Race Thompson, and current football players Matthew Bedford, Andison Coby, Cam Camper, and Joshua Sales. These athletes use their platforms and influence to raise awareness for Stop the Violence Indianapolis throughout their yearlong agreements. 

In August, Bedford, Camper, and Coby participated in a community event with Stop the Violence Indianapolis to promote peaceful change. The event provided the athletes with opportunities to meet people in the Indianapolis community and share why it’s important to use their voices to team up for peace and end gun violence. 

“What you say is important, but what you do matters the most,” said Beverly. “Youth tend to listen when they see their peers and role models do what they say. Everyone can join us and team up for peace by directly telling someone you know that might be engaged in gun violence that it’s wrong.”

About Hoosiers For Good 

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About Stop the Violence Indianapolis 

Stop the Violence Indiana is a catalyst for social change – empowering people to take action with the greater Indianapolis area to ensure safety, justice, accountability, and healing for people whose lives are affected by violence and poverty. With Prevention, Intervention, Retention, and Recovery we can establish a higher standard in the lives of the greater Indianapolis population and save lives.  

Stop the Violence Indianapolis was created with the purpose of assisting others through education and a broad awareness of positive alternatives with the programs that we offer to reduce gun violence, gang violence, and domestic violence within the city of Indianapolis.