Partnering charitable organizations with student athletes who can use their influence and leadership to help Indiana communities thrive.


Supporters donate. IU student athletes become an influential voice for charitable causes. Our community thrives.

Charitable organizations amplify their cause by partnering with influential Hoosiers whose values align with their own.

Student athletes benefit from NIL opportunities in a way that allows them to use their time and talent to do good—and provides the mentorship and experience to become lifelong community-minded leaders.

Central and South Central Indiana communities thrive through the investments made in charitable work.

Supporters further our mission of amplifying charitable causes, shaping our next generation of leaders, and giving back to the community.



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Charitable Incubator Program

Join the Hoosiers For Good team through our first-of-its-kind Charitable Incubator Program.

Our Charitable Incubator Program is designed to identify and empower student athletes who are passionate and committed to charitable work and are working to develop their voices. Through our program, student athletes will conceptualize, plan, and execute projects designed to raise awareness for the Indiana charity of the student athlete’s choice. Hoosiers For Good will provide the support needed both to execute the projects and to grow the voice of the participating student athlete.


Any Indiana University student athlete passionate about charitable work is encouraged to apply. To complete the application, you will be required to:

  • Introduce the Indiana charity you would like to support and describe why you are passionate about the identified Indiana charity. 
  • Share your ideas for up to three projects designed to raise awareness for the identified Indiana charity. 
  • Provide your project plans to execute your ideas using our provided template. 

The goal of Hoosiers For Good and our Charitable Incubator Program is to raise awareness for identified Indiana charities. It’s important to keep this in mind when creating your project plans.


If selected to partake in the Charitable Incubator Program, the student athlete will 

  • enter a year-long NIL agreement with Hoosiers For Good and become an official Hoosiers For Good Athlete; 
  • receive all support necessary to plan and execute his or her project(s),  including but not limited to financial support needed to cover the projects’ actual expenses; 
  • and receive financial compensation upon successful execution of his or her proposed project(s), as outlined in the agreement. 

Each semester, approximately 3-5 of the most compelling applicants will be accepted to the Charitable Incubator Program. `

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Answers to your questions.

How is Hoosiers For Good different from other organizations involved with NIL?
The mission of Hoosiers For Good is to raise awareness for charitable causes throughout Indiana—by partnering local charities with community-minded Hoosier student athletes who choose to use their platform and influence to amplify the philanthropic work that helps our community thrive.
How is Hoosiers For Good funded and where do donations go?
Donors can contribute to Hoosiers For Good to support the reach and positive impact that influential student athletes can make for community charity partners.
How are student athletes chosen to work with Hoosiers For Good?
We partner with student athletes who have an influential voice and are passionate about becoming community-minded leaders through partnering with a local charitable organization.

Our Incubator Program will encourage any student athlete who is passionate about charitable work and interested in developing their voice to submit a proposal for funding.
How does Hoosiers For Good make a difference in Central and South Central Indiana communities?
Our primary purpose is to support local charitable work that helps our community thrive—while developing the next generation of community-minded leaders.

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